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Graymark's Business Services Division provides support for companies seeking to improve profitability by formalizing their security and loss prevention programs. Graymark can assist in establishing the necessary security policies and procedures to prevent losses and ensure safety. Starting with a review and analysis of existing policies and procedures, Graymark can suggest appropriate revisions and supplements. Our staff can prepare complete written security and loss prevention manuals and even provide the initial employee training. To ensure that security and loss prevention procedures are being followed Graymark can periodically visit the business premises and conduct formal audits to determine the degree of compliance. Audit reports clearly reveal the areas inspected, the degree of compliance, and actions suggested to increase compliance.

With respect to the physical and operational security of a business, Graymark can conduct full security surveys that identify areas of susceptibility to loss. The survey report identifies the vulnerabilities and includes recommended corrective actions. Because Graymark does not sell any security devices or alarm systems, our survey reports are completely objective. They focus on what is needed to secure the business premises, inventories, personnel and other assets without consideration to selling any of the protective measures recommended.


Graymark investigators will not follow your significant other nor will they investigate any domestic situation. However, if your business suffers thefts of cash or inventory, Graymark can help identify the perpetrators. If your business is faced with claims of harassment or discrimination Graymark can conduct the necessary investigation. In fact, in almost any business situation where the tangible or intangible assets of a business are threatened, Graymark investigators can help.

Graymark investigators are not stereotypical "private eyes", ex-cops who walked a beat for twenty years and then opened their own investigative agencies. Rather, Graymark investigators have been culled from the ranks of government investigative, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies. All have been formally trained and all have the experience to conduct thorough investigations in the private sector. All Graymark investigators are conversant with federal and state legislation that may affect the conduct of an investigation in the workplace. Graymark investigators do not jeopardize clients, or themselves, by utilizing methods and techniques that may be only marginally legal. Instead, Graymark investigators adhere to professionally accepted techniques and methods of investigation. Hard work and diligence typify Graymark investigators.

Should specialized expertise be required, Graymark has affiliations with numerous experts in fields such as forensic accounting, handwriting analysis, electronic countermeasures, computer security, and substance analysis.

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